Increase your reliability by up to 60% with positive reviews

Choose your desired package and send us your details via the form. We’ll contact you within 24 hours and work out your campaign together, so you can benefit from sales growth as soon as organic reviews are placed.


10 Trustpilot review
$ 1
  • 5 reviews with your comment
  • Campaign creation
  • Keyword integration
  • contact person


50 reviews with comment
$ 89
  • create Trustpilot account
  • 50 x 5-star rating
  • including 50 reviews
  • Campaign creation
  • Keyword integration
Limited Sale


100 and more opinions and comments
  • + 100 x 5-star rating
  • including + 100 positive comments of your choice
  • Campaign creation
  • contact persons
  • Keyword integration

Step 1

Fill in the contact form, specify URL and keywords.

Step 2

Confirm the offer by e-mail and receive the invoice

Step 3
As soon as we receive your payment, we’ll launch your notification campaign.

Step 4
You will receive your desired notifications at optimal intervals.



Most frequent questions and answers

A review is a type of criticism that evaluates and presents a specific item. This form of review is written in digital media.
A rating, on the other hand, supports the written review by reflecting it, for example, in the number of stars (usually 1 to 5).

More and more potential customers are deciding online to buy a product or use a service based on positive reviews. The more positive the reviews of a product, the greater its credibility, which has been shown to increase sales by up to 60%. For this reason, companies have been relying increasingly on comparison and rating portals for years.

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As an agency, we don’t use a store system and offer you the usual methods of B2B payment in advance and purchase on invoice.

Immediately after your order is completed, we start planning your campaign. Although some notices usually go through a verification process, you can expect your first notice within the first week. Experience has shown that it doesn’t make sense to submit a large number of reviews too quickly. We therefore recommend that you submit around 10 reviews per day. In order to generate the best possible organic growth, we adapt our frequencies to your previous review profile. For this reason, our testers are asked to review products whose effect can only be expected after a few days.

We stand for quality. That’s why we work exclusively with certified product testers. Our customers only receive real, policy-compliant reviews, so the likelihood of inadvertent deletion is virtually eliminated. However, as we cannot force our test subjects to submit a review, it may still happen that a review does not reach the desired target platform or is unintentionally deleted. In this case, we will credit you for the review without asking you to do so. In this way, you only pay for reviews that you have definitively received – fair and transparent.